Connecting with Artists for Music Collaboration

Forming that first band in the garage with some neighborhood kids begins the desire to collaborate with other people to create music beyond your own capabilities. Whether that collaboration results in a newly written song, a hit recording, an innovative video, or a score for the next Hollywood movie, the experience motivates people to work with different and interesting artists in the music industry. That traditionally took the form of a want ad in a local newspaper and yielded limited results.

Global Reach

Artists, producers, songwriters, and engineers who wish to participate in music collaboration projects can now reach like-minded people globally via the internet. Websites about the music industry can help people decide what they are looking for in a collaborator and provide suggestions for how to communicate those attributes or talents. Creating a LinkedIn profile with contact information is also a way to find collaborators. No one is restricted to one neighborhood, region, or even continent anymore.

At a Distance

Technology makes it possible to collaborate from anywhere. Music files can be recorded and emailed to many collaborators in different countries. A video call or Skype session can serve as practice and a chance for everyone to hear the piece in its entirety and make changes on the spot. Translating software products or websites eliminate any language barriers when there are questions or comments. This process is also ideal for producers looking for a unique sound, engineers trying to balance out the bass, or songwriters struggling with the right lyrics for a bridge.

International influences are finding ways to be presented in all music genres. The music industry is becoming more and more universal through the art of collaboration. It is easier and cost-effective today because there are no travel costs, no need to be in the same recording studio, and people can work on the project at their convenience as long as agreed-on deadlines are met. Expand horizons, go beyond the talent of a single person, and embrace musical collaboration at least once to have that experience. The results can blow the mind and lead to the next international sensation.