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Understanding the Compound Bow

A compound bow is designed to use a levering system that shall make the upper and lower portions of the bow, called its limbs, to bend and thus give the power needed to shoot forth the arrow.

These limbs are not movable, unlike those that were present on the earlier longbows made of wood. Wood was found not to be as efficient in the transmission of power and flex as more modern materials.

The bow manages to transmit power through the presence of pulleys and levers, despite it being stiff. This enables its functioning. When the string is drawn back, there is a mechanical advantage that results n the development of power, to a point where it hits its peak output, thereby allowing its release, which then sends out the arrow.

Weather changes do not affect the functioning of these modern bows. In the olden days, wooden bows were not usable when it was damp, since they got to absorb the moisture. This lessens its transmission capabilities. Wood would also crack if it got too hot and dry.

The compound bow was initially not the most popular weapon of choice for most hunters. People needed time to warm up to its qualities. As time went by and its performance was evident, more and more of them took them up. They see it as much better, in terms of speed and accuracy.

There are ongoing debates over which materials and manufacturers make the best compound bows. The most popular materials for making these bows include aluminum, magnesium, or an aluminum alloy that is commonly used in the aircraft making industry.

The limbs of a bow are what will serve up most of its strength. The pulleys and levers have no part in the generations of this strength. The cams and wheels need to be manufactured just right, if they are to properly move when they bring back the string. It is still commonly referred to as string, but the materials used to make it have advanced in composition. There are those that are made from highly efficient high-modulus polyethylene cables. They have the capability of taking up a lot of tensile strength. They will not stretch too, which would have made them less efficient. Earlier versions had a high tensile coated steel cable, before the switch.

The speed of an arrow is managed by the cams present in the setup. You will find the soft and hard type of cams. Softer cams are favored by leaners of archery.

Buying a bow is the first step anyone interested in archery usually takes. There are many websites where you shall find the one you are looking for.

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