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How Long Marijuana Remains in Your System

How long marijuana remains in your system is such a complicated topic.The primary reason is that there are tons of variables that you ought to consider. Also, the time weed will stay in your body is dependent on what way you are using to test. We shall now pay our attention to the saliva and urine test.

THC the key psychoactive element in marijuana can be tested for using the urine test. The good thing about the urine test is that it is affordable and that you can detect the presence of cannabis for a long duration of time. The urine test is similar to the other tests in the sense that it is also used in finding if your system has the THC-COOH.The presence of THC-COOH in your body means that your body has processed the THC-COOH recently.

How long weed will stay will be dependent on how frequent you consume marijuana.THC is stored in your body fat and hence accumulates in your body steadily over time.What this implies is that it does not matter the method you use to consume your cannabis, the more you smoke or eat the marijuana, the more it will be detected in your urine.

Ideally THC will stay for a longer duration of time in urine if you are a heavy user of cannabis. Your body will most probably have traces of THC compound a month after you have discontinued using cannabis.Thus if you would wish to take a urine test, it is advisable that you take a test a month after you have stopped using weed.Well the other way you can use to temporarily clear THC in your system before doing a urine test is the use of tablets that remove the THC toxins. The disadvantage of using this technique is that the drug administered will only last for thirty minutes.

How Long Does Weed Stay in a User’s Saliva?

You may not know the detection period of weed in saliva if you are going to use the saliva drug testing method. In saliva the THC has the most concise detection time.Moreover, this is a testing technique most often used by police officers in evaluating whether a driver has taken weed or not.THC metabolites will test positive in saliva within 1 hour after taking marijuana and can be detectable for up to 24 hours after a single smoking session. For heavy smokers, on the other hand, the time weed stays in their system after smoking marijuana is 72 hours.

Because THC is absorbed in the users’ body over time, most chronic users are advised to wait at least for seven days before they take a saliva test.

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